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<December 2020>
  Polar Bear Attack There's alot of rock on this, So enjoy!
second playlist :) Isn't that polar bear cute? Some cool music.
  Polar bear is one of my favorite animals! :) bump.
This is My Page


Hello and welcome to my homepage! Let me start telling you about myself.....

Im 14 years old, I have alot of friends, Im nice, Im beautiful, Im shy, Im a happy and joyful girl. I love my life, All the time. I live it, I breathe it. :D. Im a scorpio [[Born November 13th 1993]] And well..I like somebody. That's all I can say. <3333333

Yes I could be random at times, I like myself, I love my family especially my mom. She's my best friend, She's been my mom since like forever lol I love her so much, She's been there for me and never missed a birthday or anything .I love you mommy and always will. When you die, I will definentally go to your funeral and cry T_T, but who am I kidding? You might live to be 100 or something like that lol...


I am a very self-actualized person when you get to know me, I love to write on LiveJournal, My MySpace blog, and other things. I have a best friend named Chrissy, She is the nicest person I've ever met. We've been best friends since 3rd grade =]] Known eachother for 7 years. I can tell her anything and I can trust her easily.

But to all the people who are my friends, Im sorry but I can trust you somewhat but just don't tell everybody like it's gossip or anything. I mean, I don't mind a little bit of gossip but keep it to yourself or tell somebody you trust easily, That's my advice. =]]

My Favorite colors are Hot Pink, Dark Green, and Black. Yesh, This text is in  Hot Pink I guess.

My Favorite bands........Well, I have a lot but look at my playlist and guess which one it is lol XDDD but I'll name them all okay?   1)Tokio Hotel  2)Linkin Park  3)Um....Offspring I guess   4)Sublime [[They Rock!]]  5)Seether [[They rock too!]]

My favorite stores are Hollister, Anchor Blue, Old Navy sometimes, Claire's , guess Best Buy is one lol xDDD

My favorite Genre is Alternative Rock, Rock, some metal, some pop, And some other stuff. I listen to any kind of music basically.

  Well, I don't know what I should do on this site, I mean I put stuff about me...Should I put a photo of myself? Do something else? =]] Please ask, Thank you so much.

Peace and Love.

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